WARNING: Plain Text Web Page!

(is it even legal to not have pictures and adverts on a web page?)

I'm Robert White, (rwhite at pobox.com) [do please send feedback!] and here is the begining of my writing repository. Hopefully this space will fill. The whole site is designed to be super bare-bones so that any sort of browser can be used, making this, again hopefully, smart-phone friendly etc. I know, how dare I just have text with no advertisements or background giffs or cute graphics... is that even legal?

Once I figure out how, I will be adding e-reader formats as well.

My First Novel: WinterDark (also available in PDF with superior formatting). Two men, a mage and a slave, discover they possess a book that claims to decode the spellwork that defines their reality. Whether it actually does or not is immaterial. The source is credible. The promise is unlimited power. Control of the text would call Mages of rank to subterfuge, sabotage and war. It had happened before over far less. These two must follow the rumor, and stop the few who know it from calling down chaos on everything.

A Short Story: Excerpts from a Log (PDF only); Once someone proved the soul existed, but not what comes after, would you have to run? And how badly could that escape go wrong in turn?

A Shorter Story: Union (also available in PDF); On being eaten... who's the monster now buddy? [Based on one of my wierder dreams, which if you know me, is really saying something.]



Here shall be the partials. Incomplete works that I need feedback on. They are unedited so fun spelling and consistency errors likely abound.

What if you really did need to bid spirits peace, particularly before eating? Totem, where the spirits of man and beast find each other again after man's long journy alone. From before the time of the first god, man sought to lift himself above. But now that lofty perch is threatened. Can the rediscovery of The Dreaming That Must Be Death save Hedrain from a creeping failure of the human soul?

Second or thrid in the Winterdark cycle, First of Fastings, eighty-some years after the long night a fire-team is drawn into the Realm.

Third or second in the Winterdark cycle, Perihelion follows the Riolal, who's father left The Realm via the margins. Rio is inherently incompatable with the technology of his word because of his father's origin. This makes him an ideal tool for the government in its plans to succede from the universal information network. A random act of piracy sets the government after Rio to recover the technology they think he stole.


And of course, keeping Rick Santorum's name where it belongs. 8-)